Concept to delivery Web/Software Application Developer, on solo and in team environments. I spend my time on front and back end development and web micro services using Ruby/Ruby on Rails, React/Flux, Java/Play Framework and Nodejs/Express.

Before my role as a developer, I spent 8+ years as an astronomer scripting for space science in Integral Field Spectroscopy/Unit (IFS/IFU for the James Webb Space Telescope) and Young Stellar Objects (YSOs) using Python.

Outlined are software and environments experience acquired throughout my career, both in science and web development.

Development (Proficiency/Familiarity)

Versioning/Documentation (Proficiency/Familiarity)


Environments (Proficiency/Familiarity)

Full stack web dev experience, as well as coding and scripting experience accrued in the scientific realm.

Front-End Software Developer
Change Healthcare Corporation - Engagement Solutions
Brentwood, TN

Nov 2014 - Current

Web Apps/Micro Services (Ruby 2.1/Rails 3.2)

Web Apps (ReactJS/Flux)

Micro Services (Java/Play)

Micro Services (Nodejs/Express)

Senior Research and Instrument Analyst,
Operations/Integral Field Unit Technical Lead

Space Telescope Science Institute
Baltimore, MD

July 2012 - Nov 2014

Instrument Analysis (Python)

Past and current projects that catch my attention, always with the intentions of learning more. The following projects, along with many other experimental ones, most can be found on my GitHub page.

dotFiles - My foray into creating a quick setup for my development environment. This is a fluid project, and will continue to evolve as I delve deeper. I currently use Bash as my environment of choice, as I've seen the least amount of setup problems with it.

astroplotlib - is a multi-language astronomical library of plots that serves as a template for producing paper-quality plots using IDL, Python, and Mathematica. This repo contains my Python script contributions to this project.

SendGrid Template Transfer - A Ruby script to transfer Sendgrid templates and their versions from one account to another. The process is automated by using the SendGrid template API.

Magic The Gathering Collection Services - Because I'm a geek! I recently stumbled upon an old collection of Magic The Gathering cards, and thought up an idea to build a collection tracking app from scratch. This is the beginning of my attempt, starting with creating a back end service to handle REST requests. This includes using services like Docker to stand up a detached SQL environment to test with, as well as the beginnings of managing the database in Amazon AWS. Follow along as I develop! GitHub project links below!

Java (Play Framework)
JavaScript (Node.js/Express)

Vanderbilt U

Vanderbilt University

Ph.D., Physics and Astronomy
M.S., Physics
Adviser: Dr. Keivan Stassun
Fisk U

Fisk University

M.A., Physics

Adviser: Dr. Keivan Stassun
Metro U

Universidad Metropolitana

B.S., Computer Science
Minor, Mathematics
Adviser: Dr. Javier Avalos

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